One of the things Christian and I looked at as we were getting Review Board off the ground was the tech talk on Mondrian. At the time, it was disappointing to us that Google had created this great tool, and kept it inside. Well, it’s still inside, but Guido has just announced a public code-review project based on the idea of Mondrian.

I played around with the demo server he’s got running, and it’s still pretty rough — a lot like Review Board was back when we first did our first public announcement. Since that time, we’ve had an amazing ride, with lots of contributions and the building of a fairly vibrant community. I wish the yet-to-be-named Mondrian-like project similar luck; code review is one of those things that can be a major drag, and having an excellent tool makes all the difference in the world.

Just as a reminder, if you’re involved in this year’s Google Summer of Code as a mentor/student/organization, we’re offering to host a server for you.