Now, I’ve never really felt like Review­Board was com­pet­ing with Smart Bear Software’s Code Col­lab­o­ra­tor. I’m sure they see it that way, but it doesn’t have any bear­ing on the way we’ve run the project. We’re not con­cerned about fea­ture check­lists or keep­ing par­ity; we’ve been try­ing to make Review Board be the best tool we can for us, and all of our con­trib­u­tors have been doing the same. Com­par­isons to other tools rarely fac­tor into the equa­tion, since we don’t have a lot invested in whether peo­ple choose us or another. The way I view it, any sort of code review tool is a step in the right direction.

That said, this com­pet­i­tive analy­sis pub­lished on their web site had me gig­gling. The sheer amount of FUD and out­right lies is stag­ger­ing. My favorite bit is how Review Board doesn’t sup­port pre-commit reviews for Per­force (which was the first thing it supported).