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Fyre 1.0.1 released!

After a really long time without a release, here’s version 1.0.1 of everyone’s FPU-abusive computational artwork tool!

This release includes a few bug fixes for odd corner cases, some performance increases, better oversampling, and a beautiful new icon by everyone’s favorite Swedish artist, Andreas Nilsson.


Get it now at

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So, I’m a year older, or some such nonsense. I’ve always felt that birthdays as such were a silly thing, but I’ll take any excuse to celebrate.

This weekend, my family and I ate at the newly revitalized Johns. Some people have recently been organizing iron-chef type competitions between the chefs of the local fine dining restaurants, and the Johns chef has so far been undefeated. It was obvious why. Every dish was beautiful, with a truly masterful balance of flavors, colors and textures. On the day I can cook like that, I will forever be a happy man.

Sometime in the next week, I might also manage to get my friends together for a meal. My mother has always said that birthdays should be celebrated on no fewer than three occasions, and I’m fine with that.

Tonight, some friends and I made an apple pie. The dough was enormously difficult (more so than ever before), but eventually we got the bottom and top crusts in the right place, mostly unbroken. It won’t be winning any beauty awards, but it smells great. It’s probably cool enough to eat now, but I’m going to wait until I can buy some vanilla ice cream and enjoy it with friends.

fyre print

In other news, I finally have a real fyre print. About a year ago, Micah and I printed out some images on photo paper using an inkjet and hung them up all over the apartment. At the time, we joked that we should sell prints; the 8.5×11″ printouts looked good, but nothing spectacular.

This one is completely different. At 22″ square, it demands a little more attention than a normal sheet of paper. Printed at the guerilla studio at SIGGRAPH and framed with lots of coupons, it turned out to be surprisingly inexpensive. However, looking at it up on my wall, I can easily picture it hanging up in a gallery with a weighty price tag next to it.

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