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ghosts are for halloween

Pumpkins were carved. Fun was had. Photos were taken.

coolest jack-o-lantern evar!

Geekiness was oozing.

Update: and another:
mario & some face

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guns don’t kill people, video games do

Those of you who pay attention to the media have probably heard about “hot coffee.” This is a mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which adds hot, steamy, polygon-based sex scenes to the game. The author claims that the content was already there, and Rockstar games, unsurprisingly, is claiming that they did nothing of the sort. Whoever is responsible, I’m really grumpy at the response that this is getting.

In the last few months, the usual political players have been blasting the game for causing a small handful of people to kill other people. This is hardly surprising — violent video games have been blamed for such things, without any real statistically significant proof, ever since violent video games first came out. Before, GTA was a controversial game, but it seemed like it was still accepted by a lot of people. Now, apparently, the game is completely inappropriate for children, and may be granted an “adults only” rating, which pretty much requires that retailers follow the same rules as they would for hardcore porn.

Wait, did I hear myself right? It’s OK for kids to play a game that glorifies killing police officers, but a game that glorifies sex, that’s inexcusable? According to our elected representatives and media watchdog groups, that’s the case.

Never mind that with 10 seconds and an internet connection, teenagers can get access to significantly more explicit pornography featuring actual humans. Never mind that getting access to these scenes requires downloading the mod. Ban GTA! Ban Rockstar Games!

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