GUADEC so far has been lots of fun, as usual. The usual combination of friendly hackers and provocative ideas is very energizing, and the English ales are delicious. It’s also awesome to hear from some folks who have set up or are thinking about Review Board.

When we were discussing attending GUADEC at VMware, we tried to figure out what we could do. It seems like T-shirts are such a commodity these days that they’re no fun. We considered giving out umbrellas, which I still think would have been a great idea given the location. There was one idea that really stuck out, though.

We have a small supply of licenses to VMware Workstation 6.0 available to give away. We’re going to try to give them away either at Alex’s follow-up talk or at the party tonight. In particular, if you have something really awesome that you want to apply Workstation to, you may convince us to give you special priority :)

As usual, VMware is hiring! If you have any interest in working with a bunch of awesome hackers on a super-exciting technology (in some sweet brand-new buildings), come talk to me or Alex

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