Like many others on planet GNOME, I received a discount code for the N800. It took me a while to get over my (ex) college-student instincts, but I finally ordered it and it arrived today. Thanks, Nokia!

It really is a lot smaller than the photos on the web made it look. I humbly suggest to the Nokia marketing folks to take a page from Apple’s book and show it next to a hand instead of standing by itself.

I haven’t yet done much with it. So far, I’ve discovered that the slimserver web UI is usable on it, which is totally sweet. As an aside, anyone out there who has a stereo or home-theater setup who doesn’t own a squeezebox should go buy one right now — it’s an awesome piece of hardware with slick, open-source software.

I’m currently downloading the maemo virtual appliance. Any suggestions on what my first hack for this sexy little device should be? With all of the talk about mono, I’m tempted to try my hand at a Tomboy port.