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GUADEC so far has been lots of fun, as usual. The usual combination of friendly hackers and provocative ideas is very energizing, and the English ales are delicious. It’s also awesome to hear from some folks who have set up or are thinking about Review Board.

When we were discussing attending GUADEC at VMware, we tried to figure out what we could do. It seems like T-shirts are such a commodity these days that they’re no fun. We considered giving out umbrellas, which I still think would have been a great idea given the location. There was one idea that really stuck out, though.

We have a small supply of licenses to VMware Workstation 6.0 available to give away. We’re going to try to give them away either at Alex’s follow-up talk or at the party tonight. In particular, if you have something really awesome that you want to apply Workstation to, you may convince us to give you special priority :)

As usual, VMware is hiring! If you have any interest in working with a bunch of awesome hackers on a super-exciting technology (in some sweet brand-new buildings), come talk to me or Alex

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VMware’s Amazing New Campus

About 8 months ago, VMware broke ground on what was to be the largest construction project in Palo Alto in the last decade. Last week, the first lucky people moved into building A, and today, those of us in the Hosted UI group (who do Workstation and the like) moved into building B.

I think it’s safe to say that no expense was spared. The image below is the common area in our building. A lot more furniture is scheduled to arrive later on. There are lots more photos in my Flickr Set.

Building B Common Area

Two of the four office buildings are now filled with people. Construction on the other two is still going on, and virtually no landscaping has been done except for a giant oak tree which was transplanted into the courtyard. Sometime next year the soccer field and gymnasium will be finished.

Does this look like an awesome place to work? We’re hiring :)


VMware Workstation 6.0 public beta

Although it was completely overshadowed in the press by the release of the VMware Fusion (the Mac product) public beta, we released our first public beta of Workstation 6.0 for Linux and Windows today, too.

There are a lot of exciting features in the beta already, with more lined up before we hit the final release. I won’t duplicate the release notes, but a few particularly neat ones are:

  • The ability to leave VMs running “headless” without a copy of the Workstation UI running, and then reattach to them the next time you start vmware.
  • Multi-head guests — we’ve had a bazillion requests for this one, and it’s finally here.
  • Solid USB 2.0 support, for just about any device you own.
  • Drag-and-drop files and copy/paste between your host and a VM.
  • Up to 8GB RAM per VM!

There’s a lot more that can be found in the Release Notes.

And one more thing — Workstation 6.0 on linux sports a brand-new, super clean-looking, slick, icon-themeable Tango face:

WS6 Screenshot

We’ve still got a ways to go before the final release. I invite you all to go grab the free beta, try it out, and let us know if there’s anything we can do to make it better.

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