Christian Hammond has a great introduction to this project, so I’ll keep this relatively short.

For the past several months, the two of us have been using our spare time to work on a web-based tool for doing code review. This is traditionally a big hole in software development infrastructure, and everyone tries to fill it with things like mailing lists or bug trackers. We got tired of dealing with problems such as being unable to easily find out which patches needed review, or losing someone’s comments deep within our inbox. These problems aren’t unique to commercial software either; one of the biggest gripes within the GNOME project is that it’s hard to keep track of everything needing review.

It’s been a heck of a ride over the last few weeks. We’ve rolled it out at VMware to two groups so far (Hosted UI, where we work, and Lab Manager, who were similarly fed up with email and decided they wanted to start using this immediately after seeing a demo). We finally decided, with a lot of the kinks worked out, that we’re ready to announce it to the world.

Review Board is hosted on Google Code, and released under an MIT/X11 style license. There are lots of goodies in the source (such as an NIS backend for django’s authentication system) that we hope are useful to people, even if they don’t use Review Board itself.

And, since new software can’t be announced without screenshots, here are a couple of the screenshot support within reviewboard (for that double-screenshot taste). There are lots more screens on Christians’s announcement.